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beyond hearsay: professional interpreting

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We are the voice in your ear at large international conferences, where our simultaneous rendering of the presentation by a speaker from abroad will allow you to follow his talk in your mother tongue – in real time.

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Remote Interpreting

Remote simultaneous interpreting (also known as RSI) via virtual platforms has gained in importance in recent years – indeed, long before the onset of the corona crisis. By liaising closely with tech companies, we can offer you advice and consultancy services in this field of international communication too.

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A half-way solution where technical requirements are minimal is the use of a so-called chuchotage (whispering) set comprising a cordless microphone plus headphones. This is a practical way of providing simultaneous interpretation for relatively small groups of people.

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We do not upstage, but effectively assist you when you are welcoming a delegation from abroad in the language demanded by protocol. We will render your speech into the language of your guests in digestible portions without the need for technical equipment. This is called consecutive interpreting. It is made possible by a sophisticated note-taking technique that allows us to capture and smoothly reproduce even complex subjects.

Additional services

Apart from these four types of oral translation, we are happy to perform written translations, particularly in connection with conferences.

We also do voice-overs and other recordings.


Our main working languages are German, English and Danish, but we also offer French and Spanish. If additional languages are needed for a particular conference or event, we can draw on a highly efficient personalised network of professional colleagues, most of whom are members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (aiic).